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    webwurm, do you know the correct way of searching google? (using AND, OR, etc. ) before I saw the technologic light, i couldn't find anything to save my life...however, I do understand that google has limitations...and I too have learned much from looking in the forums and such.
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    I didnt even know there was an incorect way to search until this string.
    I thought I knew how, or I would have tried to learn. I guess I dont know the correct way to Google.

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    I think that this is a good question for everybody not on what the newbie forum is for, but how to respond to people that post there. I am sort of new to Security and some times I do not know what forum to post in. If I do post in the wrong forum there can sometimes be a backlash on my posting. What I am looking for is not the answer but information so I can get the answer. I know that I can post in the Newbie forum and not have to feel that I am posting in the wrong forum
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    My take on the subject is that sometimes its useful to go into a newbies forum and try to answer some of the questions, if you want to, because it helps strength your own knowledge in the area. I mean sometimes you may think you know something through and through, but being asked questions about it, even sometimes simple questions helps you really question if know the subject as much and as deeply as you throught.

    Also overtime terminology, techniques and technology being used does change so having a place where you can ask simple questions and not get looked down on is a good thing i believe. O ya and its nice to have somewhere to go when your new to an area/forum in live where you can ask simple questions.

    For those reasons i belief that it should stay. After all how can you get to the advanced topics in computer security if you are not even given an introduction.

    O ya and all those people who think they are really really super masters of technology/security and everything about it, just remember that not everyone is at that level at the moment, and even if they try to search on google they may not understand the context in which to search and therefore not be able to find all the pages you can.


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