weird error page.
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Thread: weird error page.

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    weird error page.

    well i broke it again. seriously though i was looking at
    Who are you leasing your computers from?

    and when ever i refresh i keep getting sent to

    screen attachement included..

    anyhow checked it all on my end and it's defiantly not on my end as it's a brand spanking new box
    fully patched and updated.
    winxp pro
    pen4 3ghz
    1gb ram
    norton internet security thingy 2005 i've disabled it and it's happened again, re-enable it still happens uninstalled it and still happens.

    i have tried on a windowz box and had the page skip to the above mentioned site but it looks all funky and doesn't load properly..


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    Is this a error redirection based on Firefox?

    I'm running an IE based browser and the first thread you quoted opens up without error and refreshes without error.

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    I can't reproduce it here.

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    I have just tested with Firefox and cannot reproduce the problem?

    Win 2000 SP4 fully patched

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    Im running XP Pro fully patched. I have tested it in both IE ( UG!) and Firefox I cant make it happen either.
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    XP Pro SP2 all patches IE 6
    no problems here either
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    I tried in IE and FF, no dice.

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    I've seen this behavior just this week. The issue turned out to be corrupt files associated with the google tool bar.

    Take a look and see if it's installed. If so, you know what to do.

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