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    Hello All


    I am new here. I was just crusing the web looking for sites about security and I stumbled upon this one. I am new to the aspect of Network security, I've tinkered with computers since the good ole days when there was SX DX and the good ole turbo button about 92. I am in the navy have been about 6 years I am about to get out. I was looking at schools when a guy at ITT told me Security was where it is at, and I have been intreaged about it ever since. Granted I didn't go to ITT. I went to Strayer and am working on a BS in Internetworking. I may be getting out ogf the navy soon and I am not in a computer related Rate (Religious Program Speciliest working with the chaps) I would like to know how and where to get my foot in the door. I have plans on taking A+ then Net and Security + but any help on direction would be grately appreacieated.

    Thank you


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    The folks who are truly at the top of their game in security first learn all of the fundamentals of operating systems, networking and so on. You just don't jump into security without a strong background. If you try, you'll sink faster than a rock.

    That said, I would read up specifically on TCP/IP, operating systems, networking and then move on to firewalls, IDS and perhaps a scripting language or two.

    Don't be afraid to jump into courses on these topics at a community college or even reputable trainers such as SANS.

    Good luck on your adventure.

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