China and the cheap PC
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Thread: China and the cheap PC

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    Cool China and the cheap PC won't be long before China will have overtaken the market for cheap PC's if this is any indication...

    $146.00 Linux PC

    Some interesting comments being thrown around about it...
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    Hi dalek,
    Nice find. I think the so called "Third World" is a promising source of Linux growth. The article also mentions the MIT $100 lap top. I think Microsoft is involved with this project, but it seems to be a positive for me as far as Linux growth potential. Will people keep using Linux even when they become more affluent? No way to say for sure, but isn't there a tendency to stick with what we're familiar with?

    I'm not saying the Linux companies motive for being involved with the $100 lap top is financial gain for the future, but this may be a result.
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