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    h3h3 every1 g0t his opinion and point ... but the matter of fact we all know..
    WHITEHATS are Just ink on paper

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    Originally posted here by .:front2back:.
    It was me i swear, i was the one whom sent the pizza to your house, as i thought it would be funny. jokes aside, i think this dude has been smoking waaaay to much of the green stuff. and most arabian hackers are skiddy's anyhow whom use old skiddy tools in witch they have no idea on what they do, they rely on ye ol' point and click method.

    h0h0 ur FUNNY SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY !! loooool i can't stop laughin ! huh
    look.. everyone got his opinion and point... maybe some ppl doesn't like others opinion or POINT. but u just still can make ppl respect you..

    Beleive me.... am not gonna TALK,Post,publish about security if am not DONE Securing my self..

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