That's right. NMAP and Google are at it again. Here are the details from the NMAP hackers mailing list.

Hello everyone,

You may recall that Google generously sponsored ten college/graduate students to spend last Summer working on Nmap-related projects! They produced some great work, which you can read about here:

I'm happy to report that Google has invited Nmap to participate in the program again this year! So any students on this list are welcome and encouraged to apply. The competition is fierce (we had 226 applications for 10 slots last year), but the benefits are great. You get to spend the summer working on open source code that millions of people use and value, you are paid $4,500, and it is a great resume booster. Applications will be taken next week (starting on Monday), but you may want to start planning and writing your application now. Here are some Nmap project ideas and application instructions:

If anyone here has other good ideas for summer projects, please send them to Even if you are ineligible for SoC (not a student), we may be able to sponsor a student to work on your idea.

In other news, I made some progress in survey tabulation. Here are your feature voting results:

And some of the strangest survey comments: