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Thread: ethereal 0.99.0

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    ethereal 0.99.0

    hi all,
    few days ago a new version of ethereal (0.99) was released and i think we have missed it out. A new utility 'dumpcap' is added to it which consumes less memory and captures traffic as like tethereal.
    The new command line tool dumpcap makes it possible to capture network data without the drawbacks of (t)ethereal (memory usage, security problems, ...) while keeping the benefit of advanced techniques like multiple (ringbuffer) files and alike.
    source: http://www.ethereal.com/docs/release...al-0.99.0.html

    Excuse me, is there an airport nearby large enough for a private jet to land?

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    The update also fixes a number of remote code execution and other vulnerabilities. If you are using Ethereal, you really should get this update and install.

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