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    Help with diff command

    Ok heres my situation
    I have 2 operating systems on my box. Slackware 10 and Windows XP Pro.
    Pro was installed first and I had just recently installed Slackware

    When installing Slackware I have my windows partion mounted as /fat-c (although its nfts). And its read-only.

    Problem: I have my up-to-date music folder on the /fat-c and my not so up date Music folder in my /home directory on Slackware. I want to be abe to run a command that compares the two folders, finds differences and copies the differences into the slackware folder.

    I want to use diff and pipe it into cp or vise versa.
    I tried
    cp -r |diff Music1 Music2| cut -d: f1

    But it didnt work. Any suggestions?

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    Interesting little project - file synchronisation tool with diff
    I like such things, so I did something...

    diff -r first second  |awk '{if ($1=="Only"){source=$3;sub(/:/,"",source);target=source;
    if ($3~/^first/) {sub(/first/,"second",target);print "cp -r "source"/"$4" "target} else 
    if ($3 ~ /^second/) {sub(/second/,"first",target);print  "cp -r "source"/"$4" "target}}}' |sh
    (all on one line)
    replace all occurances of "first" and "second" with you folder names.
    If you want to see what it does without having it doing it,
    remove the "|sh" at the end (recommended!). And of course,
    it may not work correctly in some cases...

    Maybe it is of advantage to use the standard tools, like rsync, unison...Have a look
    at this list[1]. On windows, I like Foldermatch[2].


    [1] http://linas.org/linux/, Data Mirroring, Replication and File Synchronization
    [2] http://www.foldermatch.com/
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    Thanks I'll try it out

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    Originally posted here by aura2
    Thanks I'll try it out

    Got your multiple accounts mixed up huh? Let me help you sort this out.

    rm -rf you*

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