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    i donot know this place may or maynot be the right place to post my problem but i have a problem.
    since a week back i have been having problem. On my desktop when i right click on any file especially single files not folders, my icon turns to busy mode and waits for some more than i used to have and later get displaced. i am not having this in past

    Btw i am using p III with 386 mb ram. And i have run all spyware and antivirus programs and they showed clean. please help me.
    thanks in advance..........

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    I've split this thread off from the ethereal thread.

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    What operating system are you using?

    1. Update your scanners, reboot into safe mode and run them again.
    2. Whilst in safe mode, defragment your drive.
    3. Get CrapCleaner and run that
    4. Go into your startup folder and remove any applications you don't need ALL THE TIME
    5. Check for any background jobs like AV scans and updates and turn them off.
    6. Turn off any power saving options.

    Let me know if anything changes

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