This one has hit home......
The company that my wife works for looks like it has been hit by a very slick scam.

Without identifying the company, here's the jist of the scam.

The target get's a real mail letter..........not an email, it looks official and tells them they won a lottery.
( I know.........lots of email lottery scams......this is real mail.. with a check! )
yep.. they won $95,000 in the United British Lotto!!
The check looks real and is, kinda, it has the proper routing numbers and's a forged copy of a remittance check from her company for $2,998.95
So the target is supposed to deposit the check and pay a tax clearance fee of $2,850.00 and conatact their North American Agent to process the winnings.
The check bounces after her company ( or any other company getting hit with scam and doesn't know it yet) realizes that the check is bogus and cancelles it.
By that time the target has depositied the clears and they write a check for the tax fee.

What makes this interesting is it's sent with a check, that WILL deposit.
No personal info is asked for....*this seems to be the catch all of scams ("Your bank will never email you or ask for your information")

Here are some Google hits.......

mabey you've seen this already, mabey not. I just wanted to bring it to attention because it happened close to home.