Hey all,

OK well I have inherited a network at work that to put it bluntly is in **** state! The old System Admin got the sack for pretty much not knowing his arse from his elbow, so you can imagine the state it is in!

I have a few questions that would help me clear up a few trouble areas I have encountered!

I am having problems with one of the domians 'lc.com' in this domain there is three sites - London, Newbury and Angel. Now the Exchange server is located in Newbury and there is two other domain controlers there.

There is also 2 more DC's in London and another DC in Angel.

The london DC was configured to be the Global Cataloge and they all replicate to each other, some 1 time per hour and some 4 times an hour.

Now I am having a problem with the email/exchange. There are a few users in Newbury who seem to take a very very long time to send an email, move and email, delete an email, log in to outlook. Outlook just seems to hang for 10 mins in some cases.
It is only happening to 5 users up there and everyone else seems to have no problem at all.

Everyone is using outlook 2003 and the exchange server is 2003.

My questions are:

Is there a need to have that many DC's in the one domain?

Would it be best to break the domain down into Sub-domains I.E newbuy.lc.com - london.lc.com or is it best to just leave it as the one big domain, lc.com. (there is approx 80 users in this domain)?

Why would only a few users have problems with email, to me this is pointing to it NOT being an exchange server problem??

These are the major issues I am faced with at the moment. My problem is I was only given this network to administrate on Tuesday this week so I am still finding my way around it and looking at the various configs of it.

Any help will be hugley appriceated!