OpenGear Subjected To XSS Bug
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Thread: OpenGear Subjected To XSS Bug

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    OpenGear Subjected To XSS Bug

    The Brilliant minds game.

    The Main Advisory Link

    the Exploited Link :

    Mail The Vendor . Not Patched Yet.

    Waiting For Your Response.

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    Contact the vendor yourself. Releasing advisories for private software is irresponsible, and your explanation:
    [+] Poorly Coded Modules.
    [+] No Patch For Ignorance. pretty revealing about your own maturity.

    Bob Waldie
    PO Box 5013
    Brisbane, QLD 4101
    Nobody can fix this other than opengear themselves, the ball is in your court and you're releasing this in the wrong direction.

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    For your knowledge this in terms when vendor show ignorance it has to be public.

    I have mailed them.

    Its not my prbb if they are not acting on it.

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    Its not my prbb if they are not acting on it.
    Alliance Of Security Analysis Professionals.
    That's not very professional. If it's not your problem then why are you amplifying their problem?

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    Very poor and irresponsible behaviour zeroknock, you rightly said
    ."there is'nt a parch for ignorance" so, stop being ignorant
    (god damn what did i tell you to do!!!).

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    so, stop being ignorant
    OpenGear Subjected To XSS Bug posted 04-29-2006 01:36 PM
    Viewing post by banned user
    well...someone has already stoped his ignorance from hanging 'round AO

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