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    Google Search Engine Results In False Results

    Advisory:Google Search Engine Results In False Results
    Explored By:- Aditya@Metaeye.org

    There is a flaw in google serach engine that throws false output.
    It occured in I am Feeling Luck Button.

    It results in false handling research

    you can check the result


    Error Is Error.

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    It's called Google Bombing. Where people href certain words to specific sites.. And ultimately, you end up with the first result on a Google search for 'failure' being Bush's biography

    It's not a 'bug' with the I'm Feeling Lucky button - it's with the rankings as a whole, due to Google bombing
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    Well Your term is good

    Check man the bug is bug.In your terms is not.

    Get accepting a Meta character * and giving serach results is some what damn awkwqrd in its context.

    Which you call is bombing i call it Context manipulation.

    Bombing is some what else.Changing term does not means the weaknes is not there.

    Rest what ever you say.

    The google has accepted it.They are working on this wakness and making check on algorithms.

    This is for your knowledge man.

    Even Vendor is accepting it.

    Love Your Concerns.

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    Isn't your post similar to this:

    Check the date on this article as well.

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    Here's an article from two years ago that apologizes for the effect of a Googlebomb...


    The only sites we omit are those we are legally compelled to remove or those maliciously attempting to manipulate our results.
    It's called a Googlebomb because that's what the Googlebombers call it.


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    Whatever reason it happens I find that if you are looking for something general ( eg. computer cases ) Google is definitely the way to go...but...if you're looking for something specific that may not be well known like a particular website or product then MSN actually gives better results.


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    Re: Google Search Engine Results In False Results

    Originally posted here by ZeroKnock
    Advisory:Google Search Engine Results In False Results
    Explored By:- Aditya@Metaeye.org

    There is a flaw in google serach engine that throws false output...
    Your kinda are behind the times there mate. As the other posts indicate, this has already been published and it is years old.

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Do you mean that some of the information on th internet is False or incorrect? and Google gets it wrong or can be manipulated..

    Oh my shattered existance.. the horror of it,,

    This is too much.. I will have to end it all

    /Comment: And this internet shaking news from the one who's tutorial on MS Userassist: an incomplete tutorial..at best an introduction, that gives no direction or purpose (not that I could see)
    THe posts I have seen so far appear to be advertorials for his own Blog and website. The broken english would be less noticable IF you had CURRENT and complete information. I am sure that JupMEdia are very impressed with you using AO as a Mirror for your web pages
    Best Climb out of your shell and read a bit more.. some of your other discoveries are not that new either..
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    From RxLabs Blog:
    I have not exploited the Engine more.
    Thanks a lot for having mercy on Google
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    Google has acknowledged the flaw and will be working to correct it.

    ""One side effect of not using an editorial viewpoint to determine theranking of results is that anomalies occasionally occur. We view such occasions as opportunities for us to learn more about how the web worksand how to improve our algorithms for all searches in the future.""

    Seniors please stop being so c*cky and arrogant.

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