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    SirDice, thats interesting. I didn't know that it *could* work that way. I have a 802.11b usb wifi adapter that has support under SuSE that I'll have to try. My prismGT(g) PCMCIA card will not work like you've indicated.

    I also have a linksys usb g adapter that I can't find linux firmware/drivers for. However, I have not tried to use ndiswrapper with it. Just didn't need it yet because the other two cards worked.

    Interesting. I'll add that to my list of things to play around with.
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    Install Backtrack to HD

    I know Backtrack and Knoppix-STD are great, but have you looked at Auditor, or Whax? Both very good as well.
    My main point to this post though is to let you know that there are a number of people trying to get HD installs working with Auditor, Backtrack, Whax and Knoppix-STD. I am trying them myself and it seems that Auditor is the easiest to get working. There are minimal problems, but the bonus is that with a HD install, as soon as you fix it once, save, and its fixed. If you need help just ask. Checkout the forums at www.remote-exploit.org for more info as well.


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    I know Backtrack and Knoppix-STD are great, but have you looked at Auditor, or Whax? Both very good as well.
    Backtrack is the successor of Whax and Auditor.. It's still beta but the full release should come RSN; Real Soon Now (tm)

    The only trouble I had with Backtrack was the madwifi (Atheros WiFi chipset) driver. I just couldn't get it to inject packets.. Whax injected without any problems. Had to update the driver on BackTrack before it would work.. Should be fixed when the full release comes out though.. I'm hoping they'll also include aircrack-ng in the release..
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