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    Thats what I was looking for, thanks

    ohh, and congrats for big 1000!

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    This is a cool tool to change MAC address and change IP.

    The tool is very light, easy to use (just do a macshift then enter, it will give you instructrion).

    It's best for QA Engineer who want to test their system.



    cmd -macshift -i "Local Area Connection" 001100110011

    or type it directly in command prompt.
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    Looks cool I have to try this.

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    i am gonna give you a heads up..........

    I wouldnt download, install or click on any links.........just because it is posted on a site....even this one

    I would be very wary of any exes posted....unless it is available from a trusted well known vendor.

    Just my .02 cdn

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