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    Mouse and keyboard - software problem

    My OS is WinXP SP2.
    I have a Logitech LX700 mouse and keyboard. If I want to use the programmable buttons, then I need to install software called set point.
    Ok - it looks like a nice peace of sh...
    The first time I installed it my mouse and keyboard were stopping responding - I don't know why, and from Logitech couldn't also answer that question.
    However I was using it - always angry when I have to restart my PC, but I used it.
    It is now one year - there came several new version of this software - it seems that now my problem with the freezing PC is in the past, but now I have a new one.
    Sometimes when I restart my PC the program forgets how the keys were assigned. When I switch it on it looks like just installed - everything is like as by default.
    The interesting part is that it is only with my account so. With the other accounts on my PC everything is OK - the program remembers everything and never forgets it.

    Do you have any ideas how to make it remember my settings? It is terrible to ajust it everytime when the PC starts.

    From Logitech told me that I'm perhaps experiencing this issue because of lack of administrative privileges on my profile.
    That is nearly impossible, because that is my HomePC and I'm the administrator
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    That does sound strange. My first move would be to create a new account identical to your current one and see if that has the problem as well.

    If it does not, that would suggest a corrupt profile, if it does, then it must be something to do with your settings/permissions?

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