Hello once again to all the masters of technology. I have once again come into a problem I am unable to wrap my head around so here it goes.

We have a somewhat new Dell desktop (9100 with P4 Dual Core, 2GB ram, huge harddrive, dvd/cd burners, the works) here in our office. All the drivers are up to date, so are the bios, software, etc. The only issue is it still runs slower than anything in the office. We have run all types of scans and diagnostics on it, but everything comes back ok. I cannot seem to pinpoint what is causing the sluggish/jerkyness of this system. It even happens when booting into safe mode.

Programs run slowly and take a while to respond and load. Even getting simple items like a command prompt or control panel to open takes longer than it should. I have uninstalled everything I can think of and have shut down a majority of services. Still the same slow response from the system. I really do not want to spend a huge chunk of my day starting this system over from scratch and then reinstalling everything and setting it up for one of our employees. Not to mention it would kill his productivity and cause a bit of downtime for him and me. Does anyone know why Windows or maybe the system is having such a hard time doing simple and complex tasks? Is it just that windows in time will fall apart or is something corrupted that the diag. couldn't detect. I would be forever in your debt. if you could shed a little light on this issue.

Dell support as you may have guessed was a waste of time and I do not want to call MS cause that won't be fun and probably cost a bit of money just to ask them a question. Thanks again as you guys have been a great help in the past.