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Thread: bacobro virus

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    What strikes me is that every search engine I used had nothing about bacobro, bacobro.txt, bacobro!!!.txt, bacobro!!!.text. Neither did virusalert (duth site that has info about almost every virus released).
    I hate to ask this, but are you sure it a virus? My 2 cents say that its from a program, otherwise how would it survive a format. (I know programs that have that capability but there are very few.)

    Just out of curiosity: Did you try to open it?


    On a side note: Check out the describtion that Yahoo! gives us , look under the first result . And we keep asking how script kiddies keep showing up here
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    One more question.. are you sure it's a .txt

    Not a .txt.pif or .txt.exe or .txt.com or something with your 'remove known extentions' switch in explorer on and a nice .txt looking ICO..
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    he didnt read the virus name when it found out that it was a virus and the full system was not formatted only the partition containing the windows files was formatted and installed the and its not possible to go online since he is using it in the hostel and other av softs have been installed but none of them are scanning at all

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    Is the file still there?

    If the Windows partition has been reformatted and Windows reinstalled it could be that the virus has been eliminated.?

    You should scan ALL PARTITIONS in safe mode with an updated AV

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