Using laptops to steal cars
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Thread: Using laptops to steal cars

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    Using laptops to steal cars

    I guess I am not sure which forum to post this under, but this looks good.

    I just read this on Slashdot and thought it was crazy! Had to share:

    Using Laptops to Steal Cars
    from the because-you-shouldn't dept.
    Ant writes "Thieves are using laptops/notebooks to steal the most expensive luxury cars. Many of these cars have completely keyless ignitions and door locks, meaning it can all be done wirelessly. Thieves often follow a car until it gets left in a quiet area, and they can steal it in about 20 minutes..."
    Follow the link in the quote above for more information.

    Luck for me, my car sucks and nobody would want to steal it.

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    Yeah that's quite true, this is just because RFID sucks.

    I've finished a research into RFID recentely, and Toyota seems to be the first in the market with Smart Keys/Smart Start adoption ....

    BTW, this technology is often creticized because of privacy violation issues.

    ďItís a clear threat to both privacy and personal safety. Quite simply, itís a bad ideaĒ Bruce Schneier
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    Deebee, this is one of the most entertaining articles I have seen in a while! good work...
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    This isn't really anything new. Way back when remote entry was becoming popular some guy came up with a box that would record the remote key and play it back. All the guy had to do was be within 30 yards or so and in line of sight when you locked your car. Then he waited till you left and replayed the remote key... Voila, he was in your car. They also did this for garage door openers as well which is worse because that _usually_ grants access to your whole house.
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    I have wondered about this before, maybe using a programmable remote control program on my PDA? although few cars seem to use IR it may work. Might even work with a programmable remote control you can buy from the supermarkets as lng as they have a learning function... *thinks about sitting in front of a row of cars pushing buttons on remote control with the word channel replaced with car, car 1, car 2, car 3, car 4*

    PS yes I am aware that you are talking about RF, and i am talking about IR, i am not getting confused just drifting off a little
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