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Thread: AOL Browser

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    AOL Browser

    I was installing a new version of AIM and notived that as usual it was packed with more than just AIM. I selected an option in AIM and it popped up the AOL browser.

    Funny thing is that, I'm impressed..

    The security drop down is great, and has one useful option I REALLY like:

    Show ALL Links, as FULL URLs.... Awesome idea, to know what you're actually clicking on.

    It has a built in spyware scan and a list of known bothersome spyware BUILT IN.... OK cool, but it also can scan for spyware.

    The tabbed browsing is top notch and looks amazing. Moving your mouse over a tab displays the web page as an icon. Very nice.

    Of course a Pop up blocker is included.

    I think so far my favorite feature though is the scan for spyware, and show all links as full URLs and of course the Active X control right in the security menu.

    Configuring it is easy too.

    One other thing:

    In the security menu is a thing you click on and it's called "Who owns this web site?"

    I think this browser has some awesome potential and I hope to see it in IE and Firefox soon. It has taken a few steps on preventing phising and I'm impressed.

    Good one to AOL on this.

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    Hi gore ,

    What are its origins, is it a "home grown" AOL application?

    I seem to recall back then, AOL used a customised version of IE?

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    Nihil, you are correct. AOL took IE and kind of suped it up. While the added features look nice, it makes me wonder how secure it really is...
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    Yea it does have something about it being IE with some differences, but then again I read somewhere it only used the engine. FireFox can.... Wait, Shoot I can't remember the browser it is that uses both IE and Forefox engines.... Ah well.

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    sounds like they got a hold of IE 7 engine.
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