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Thread: Flight 93

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    Flight 93

    ever since the release of the movie there has been an upsurge in the outspokenness of the conspiracy theorists. Which I think are all BS. If I were in that plane and heard that three other hi-jacked planes were used as bombs you can believe id be fighting for my life. no punk kid with a box cutter could stop me given the alternatives.

    But on the remote chance that the air force did shoot it down that would have been the right thing for them to do.

    So why do some feel the need to have the families of the dead believe that their family members and friends died as helpless victims instead of heroes fighting to save maybe thousands of lives including their own.

    Neither scenario would change the fact that radical islam killed all those people no matter how the plane went down.

    Could it be that these creeps don’t want America to have any heroes and encourage the idea that fighting is useless?

    i believe they are enemies of America!
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    If the USAF had shot it down, I am sure that they would have said so.

    As you correctly observe it would have been the "right" thing to do, and might have refuted some of the criticism for inaction that they have subsequently received?

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    Re: Flight 93

    Personally, I look at any of these type of films as merely being exploitive. I believe there are a few more movies about 911 in the works. One of them is about a cop and civilian surviving in the depths of collapsed WTC basement.

    They're not documentarys, they certainly arn't telling us anything about the events that we don't know (or need to). Producers simply know people will pay when you push their emotional buttons, and directors love scripts that are easy to make emotive and impressionable on the crowd.

    I can't help but identify these things as exploitation incognito; and I find myself disgusted with it and those involved.
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    Originally posted here by nihil
    If the USAF had shot it down, I am sure that they would have said so.
    I disagree with you about that. What better way to get the nation feeling a little better about what happened but to know that a group fought back? If a group a passengers can defeat these terrorist's, so can we as a nation. Right?

    Personally, if they did shoot it down, I think it is only proper that they did. I would clearly see why they wouldnt tell us if they did though.

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    Must we start another one of these threads again? what happened, happened. Whether the USAF shot the plane down or not I think at this point it really doesnt matter. As far as I know there is no way any of us can go back in time and change what has already happened. I dont mean to be calious ( sp?) about this but im just kinda getting tired of these 9/11 threads over and over basically saying the same things will just a little difference in them.
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