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Thread: The Penny Poem

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    The Penny Poem

    The Penny:

    My grandmother just passed away on April 30th.
    The viewing was scheduled for May 4th and the funeral was on May 5th.

    On May 4th, my mother came up to me at the viewing claiming that she had to tell us something but we were going to think she was crazy. She had heard a while ago about a Poem that supposedly comes true after a loved one passes.

    Here is that Poem:

    Today I found a penny,
    Just laying on the ground.
    But it's not just a penny,
    This little coin I've found.
    Found pennies come from heaven.
    That's what my Grandpa told me.
    He said Angels toss them down.
    Oh, how I loved that story.
    He said when an Angel misses you,
    They toss a penny down,
    Sometimes just to cheer you up,
    To make a smile out of your frown.
    So don't pass by that penny
    When you're feeling blue;
    It may be a Penny from Heaven
    That an Angel's tossed to you.

    Now, here the interesting part.

    My mother found a penny on Wednesday night on the ground and picked it up. It was a bright and shiny new 2006 penny. She thought to herself about the Penny Poem. She put it in her pocket and went on about her evening. That night, she had to do a load of laundry. So, she put the clothes she was wearing Wednesday night into the laundry. Thursday morning, she took the clothes out of the washer and there was the shiny new 2006 penny. She forgot it was in her pants and thought again about the Penny Poem.

    Thursday night we were at the viewing. My sister and brother were thirsty and there was a gas station next door. They both decided to walk next door and get a beverage. On the way back to the funeral home, my sister stumbles upon a bright new shiny 2006 penny. My mother had told my sister about the Penny Poem and my sister then mentioned the Penny Poem to my brother as she picked it up.

    Less than 2 minutes later, my brother stumbled upon a bright new shiny 2006 penny. My sister and brother thought it was just some weird coincidence and he picked it up and put it in his pocket.

    During the viewing, my mother told my girlfriend and me about the Penny Poem. We didn't think much of it at the time and also thought it was some strange coincidence.

    Thursday night after the viewing, my girlfriend and I went back to our place. I was sitting out on the balcony having a rum and coke reflecting on the past days events thinking about my grandmother.

    All of a sudden, my girlfriend calls me in from the balcony with a sense of urgency in her voice. I run in to find out what is going on. I see her standing at the washer and she is holding out her hand to me. I open my hand and she drops two bright and shiny 2006 pennies into my hand! I couldn't believe it. Frankly, I was a little disturbed. It can't be a coincidence now, can it?!

    Fast forward one day. My mother and father were stopping by the pet store to pick up food for their dogs and cats. The clerk offered to take out the heavy bags to their vehicle. She told the clerk thank you for offering, but her husband was in the store and he would carry them out. My father then takes the food and carries it to the trunk of his car. As he walks up to the back of the car, he happens to find a bright new 2006 penny on the ground!

    So, everyone in my immediate family (6 people including my gf) all found a bright new shiny 2006 penny within one day of my grandmothers viewing and funeral! How weird is that?!

    We've all decided to take the pennies and attach them and then laminate the memorial card they give you at the funeral home.

    I'm not particularly superstitious, but it's just too weird.

    Anyone else have a story like that or even heard of this?
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    Wow...what a great story.

    I had never heard of The Penny Poem before...

    about the only wierdness that happens to me is sometimes I will dream about someone I havent seen in a while....and all of a sudden they show up in my life again

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    This is a weird story from me: Last year my Great Grandmother passed away at 91. At the funeral home they gave us those "programs" you know with like the songs they will play and stuff on it. and it had a nice picture of her on the front. well fast forward about 8 months. I was at my friend matt's house. and guess what I found? the program! now I have no idea how it got there but I sure didnt take it to his house! he pulls it out from underneath all the clothes on his floor and he guess " Who is this old lady?" and I was like holy sh*t I know her! it was my great grandmother... It was really weird.
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    MLF: I've had that happen to me before.

    I've also had weird vivid dreams before something happened. I've avoided an accident that way several years ago. I dreamed that I got into an accident at an major intersection. The person tried to make the light. Two days later, I found myself at a similar intersection and I was first in line to turn left. (two left turning lanes and I was on the inside) Sure enough, some jackass crossed into the intersection right after my light turned green. However, for some reason, I didn't go right away. The car next to me did and had to swerve to miss the person who ran the light. If I had gone, there would likely had been a 3 car accident.

    I had a wedding to go to this weekend despite burying my grandmother. It was about 6 hours away, so we got on the road shortly after the funeral. That drive was great. However, on saturday we were on a charter bus going between the chruch and the reception hall. It was about an hour drive. I fell asleep. It wasn't a deep sleep and could hear what was going on around me. All of a sudden I had a horrible thought about a car running into our bus head on! I woke up all of a sudden and looked around. We were on a back road. I don't normally have thoughts like that and didn't say anything about it.

    About 20 minutes later, I was drifting off again and the bus driver slams on his brakes throwing my head forward and waking me up. There was a two car head on accident on the opposite side of the road! There were half a dozen cars that had stopped helping the two drivers out. Our bus driver called into the bus depot to get police/emergeny help.

    That was too freaking weird!

    Tex: Are you a good friend of this person? Is there a chance that they accidentially picked it up from your house when grabbing something else? That is pretty weird. Especially the long space in time between the funeral and when you found the paper.
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    Good Evening,

    I've had several of those foreknowledge dreams.

    One of the most vivid dreams, that came true about 6 months later, was when I was in high school. I was a middle linebacker and I had a dream that during practice I would nail the Quarterback, but at the same time my head would be driven hard into the ground. My neck would go numb and I would pass out for about 10 seconds. When I woke I would tingle from head to toe. After awhile I'd get up, still be dizzy like a drunk man, and have a huge clump of grass caught in the face guard. Two weeks into our football season it happen and every detail was completely fulfilled. I had previously told two friends (also on the football team) and they had a charmin moment when it actually happened.

    All the others have thus far been fulfilled but one, and I am doing everything thing I can to prevent it.

    The pending one is a car wreck. I am the driver of a white mid-sized car that has a grey dash board. The accident happens at night. I will be driving alone and out of the upper left corner of the windshield I see a bright light like a street light come crashing into the windshield and terminating my existence. Needless to say I don't have, won't drive, or rent a white mid-sized car.

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    Phish, to answer your question yes it was at my best friends house that I found the program at but I just dont remember ever bringing it over there nor can I think of a reason why I would bring it over to his house.
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    The wierdest things that happen to me is when I call my girlfriend. We can't count the number of times the phone didn't even get the chance to ring because we were calling each other at exactly the same time. Even when she is in San francisco or I am in Ireland.
    Still a really nice story.
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    I had this dream about my grandmother a few years back it was really weird. The house i live in belong to my grandparents.In my dream i seen her in the kitchen standing by the sink she had on a lite blue house dress with a white apron her hair was brown and nicely comb and I could smell rose.she look like she was about 50 years old she was beautiful.

    What was strange she was telling me to go a laid down i needed rest and she would make sure everything was taking care of.

    It seem like it was so real so i call my mom and told her about the dream and told her what she had on how she look and how i could smell roses. My grandmother love roses.

    My mother said Connie she is trying to tell you something. Two days later after the dream i had gotting very sick. My mother said see she was watching over you.

    The weird thing is My grandmother passway when i was 4 and i have no memories of her at all. The only thing i know of her is through pictures and what my mother talk about.

    To this day i still smell roses and everytime i smell them i know she is there watching over me

    Tell me that ain't weird.
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