Hi everyone has you could see from my last post my laptop is down with a bad mother board so Iím stuck with using my parents home computer. This computer is a dell running windows xp with a 2 GHz processor with 512 MB of ram, which a just upgraded. I've already gone into the system properties and adjusted the performance for the best possible. I have also gone into the administrative tools and disabled all the services that are not need, and cleaned up the rest with msconfig. So I only have the minimum running with zonealarm security suite running for protection. Even with all of this done it still takes to long for a simple folder to open up or to open a small application. So my question, is there any thing I can do to speed up this computer that I haven't already done and/or could it be possible that something is wrong with the hardware of this computer making it run slower.

Ps. Iíve been watching how much resource programs are using with process explorer from sysinternals. I've noticed that Hardware interrupts is a lot of the times the process that is taking up must of the processing power...which I can't ever recall seeing before.