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    Windows Licenses on Virtual Machines

    Technicality question here --

    If you set up a machine for VMWare, esentially having two identical Windows OS's on the same box, how does that affect licensing? Do you have to have two licenses since it's two instances of Windows, or does the same license work on both instances since it's still on one box, one mobo?

    I know it can be easily done, just want to make sure it's legal. And yes, I know I can do Windows/Linux too, but I was just wondering about the legality of a Windows/Windows setup.

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    Your best bet might be to give Microsoft Licensing a call. I think you will find a phone number for them in the Support section of the MS web site.
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    As far as I know, it is "per running instance". Since you're running your virutal window session on an windows machine, then you need two licenses. If you make multiple copies of the second environment, you only need additional licenses IF you plan to run multiple instances at one time.

    IMO, you'd be better off runnin your base OS as linux and then use your other license for a virtual environment. However, since OEM licenses typically can't be transfered... I'm not sure how that'd work out since you're technically on different hardware. You're running on virtual hardware...

    Man... confusing subject.

    IMO- If you're running them at work... get the licenses. If you're running them at home... who cares!

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