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Thread: Hotmail Hacking

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    Hotmail Hacking

    Hello internet people,

    Please help me, i made an account on hotmail but i lost my password. Could someone please risk their neck doing something totally illegal, for someone they have no idea who the hell is(i.e. me), and extremely hard, for nothing in return and hack into their servers and users database and return me the password of my friends account (121HotLips@hotmail.com)

    Also please tell me how to hack Microsoft.com. No no wait a second, i don't know you to tell me, but please spend many many days writting me a program to break into microsoft and let me do anything i want and send it to me. Don't worry i'll not bother emailing you back !

    Also, i just brought but lost the full professional version of Photoshop pro, Windows Pro, Microsoft Exchange server and Microsoft Office 2005 (full version), so if someone could copy them and send them to me, that would be good. Again same rule as above, i'll not bother to email you back because, well i have better stuff to do.

    Also please teach me how to hack !! O ya and do it all in under 500 words because i don't have all day, and get it to me in 2 hours and don't make it techy. I want to be a total hacker by the time i've finished reading it.

    So Totally The Best Hacker In The World,

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    wattcha smokin'?

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Hi, Mikester

    So it was you who sent me this:

    how are you ? are you online now i need to ask you some things about hacking ,are you an hack and what are the thing someone need to know to be come an hack?

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    I'm facing the same problem, as some1 from france took my relative mail and chatted with me and ge told me that he will take mine on friday, so i need ur help 2 know how 2 protect my mail and how 2 get my relative mail back

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    Are you even kidding me?
    First of all this is an old post; see the flashing dates?

    Second, Read the main Antionline page; Thats not what this forum is for.

    Third, Mikester was obviously being sarcastic when this was posted. Does any part of his post seem legitimate?
    Also please teach me how to hack !! O ya and do it all in under 500 words because i don't have all day, and get it to me in 2 hours and don't make it techy. I want to be a total hacker by the time i've finished reading it.
    Not even I am stupid enough to take this post seriously.

    Fourth, Welcome to AO....If you deserve it, lol
    It usually helps to read into a forum before you begin to post. That gives you the feel of the questions, answers, and discussions that are taking place. I read well over 100 threads on this forum before I began posting, and I learned a whole lot doing it. That way, people will respect your first posts.
    Hopefully this will help you with your stay here at AO.

    Back to answering your question.
    Protecting email? Change your password to a secure and long password.

    Getting email account back? Probably not happening.

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    metguru, I think it's safe to say socrat2000 was obvisouly being sarcastic. Let's just welcome him to AntiOnline (and tell him to get out before it's to late :-p)

    As for socrat2000, the post is a little old, and people around AntiOnline usually don't like bumping old topics back to the top, there are plenty of new topics to discuss. While there are obvisouly some exceptions, they are few and far between. Even 3 months is a little bit old (although I've seen much, much older posts be bumped up), although it's not bad.

    Anyways, like metguru, welcome to AO, there is much to learn your Jedi. Remember to search before posting, make your posts worth while (unless you're bored sitting in your dorm after nearly six hours of lacrosse :-p), anyways, welcome, and enjoy your stay.

    Come to UnError.com

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