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Thread: My Honey

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    Collecting all that information is futile if ain't even glossed over once in awhile. The trick is to force the more useful data to the surface of the log pond. Whether it be hardwood, softwood or wormwood, fill it with enough hot air and it will float.

    My Honey just sits and listens for all the lumbering jacks with axes to grind in 69. She drops, accepts and/or rejects all in good measure. She logs and analyzes and does not forget too easily what them jacks be sizing up in my forest full of trees. And I'm alerted when she yells timber at any jack-often with a woody.
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    hog - what do you run?

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    I've got a 4 host honeynet running behind a roo honeywall. I rotate the hosts out and vary the operating systems and vulnerabilities. I've also got a nepenthes boxen up and collecting malware.
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