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    Post Hack Proxy Server

    It is possible to hack proxy server or bypass the proxy server ???, i want to hack my company's proxy server because it's lock some web sites and block the downloading of files. I used the site proxy like "http://www.anonymouse.org" it's work nice but have some problem. When i use this proxy to access my yahoo mail account it's always got failed!!!! i am not abel to login in the my yahoo mail box and it's not possible to downloading files.
    Please give me some sugessions......

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    I think about the best suggestions anyone can give you are these:

    1) Delete this thread before you are banned from this site.

    2)Forget about hacking your company's proxy server or anything else. This will possibly save your job.

    Don't know anything better to say.
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    Hey!!!!, I just want sugesstion for bypassing proxy, i don't want to hack it!!!!!!!!

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    i want to hack my company's proxy server because it's lock some web sites and block the downloading of files
    That is a part of your employers' authorised usage policy. it is intended to protect their systems and their business.

    Please respect this, as there is more at stake than your amusement and convenience. If you have legitimate, work related requirements, then please contact the administrators.

    In a corporate/enterprise environment where there is a legitimate need for someone to do what you are asking, the simple "safe" solution is to provide a stand alone machine and an ADSL or dial-up connection. Frequently the person concerned would have a laptop anyway.

    The other solution is a VPN, but this does not really apply to "private" usage. It is more for mobile and offsite workers.

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    A trick I learned way back when I started at Cingular who was blocking all non .org and .edu domains (and of course company-relevant websites). Is that I could go virtually anywhere by tagging '?.org' to any URL.

    Our network was only looking for the word in there and not actually looking at the real domain. It worked quite well till they paid me to tell them how to fix it.

    Possibly this would help, although I don't suggest downloading and installing applications, especially if it's a major company they could press charges if you load any sniffing apps or something for fun.

    Hope this helps though.

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