This issue has been persistent over many different installations and systems and usually happens during multi-tab/ heavy surfing. Basically what happens is that the browser freezes and you are unable to move from the page. The little circle thingy keeps rotating as if itís still loading the page. The problem itís stuck on one page and you cannot move, either by going via a URL in the page itself or one of your bookmarks. You also cannot stop the circle thingy from rotating by clicking on ĎSTOPí The browser is STUCK.

The funny thing is that you can actually use everything else on the system and you can Alt-F4 the Firefox or close it by clicking on Ďxí. I donít remember if you can close individual tabs or not. Another problem is that if you close the browser in this way (while stuck), if you try to reopen it, it will ask you to create a different user profile because an instance of firefox is already running (you can see it in Ďtask-managerí. (therefore it didnít really close)

Any ideas what this **** is and how can I fix it. It happens on some systems more then others but it happens on all systems I use.

PS: Yes it the latest version.