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Thread: Desperate

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    we had a HP laptop with a bios password, they emailed me a document which i had to read and get signed by my boss. Then i was given a number to speak to HP tech support and then they asked me some questions about the laptop and i explained the situation and they were happy to tell me what to type in to circumvent the bios password apparently the password was tied into the bios version and would only be available for the day issued... giving us time to record the system date and time as displayed by the bios.... although i must confess to not actually trying the laptop again the next day as it was bagged and tagged by then.


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    Try this bad boy!
    Happy reading. Need .pdf reader though
    tech manual

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    Ohh, Check out page 5-29 RTC batt.
    I found this too, so kinda cool info about RTC/NVRAM and CMOS

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    I dont think you can do that. How can they deactivate it? They have no connection to the LT. Unless there is soemthing in the computer that has a password set for a certain day, and it changes each day. That'd be one long password though....

    If its XP its easier than a drunk hooker....

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    Drklabyrinth a word to the wise..............if the date is flashing at the top, the thread is usually dead.

    Yes, it is quite possible..............just read up on Microsoft's DMR stuff................ if your system clock is out by a certain amount your Windows is "pirate"

    Also, read up on EEPROM chips (C24) If one of those is used you can cut the power forever and it won't help

    When there is hard-drive security as well, you need to send the kit back to the maker, or replace it.

    Unless, of course you have the ability to program firmware and hardware chipsets, and the hidden partition(s) on HDDs.

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