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Thread: Help with Whax

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    Help with Whax

    My problem is that i cann't get connected to the internet when using Whax. I've been using netconfig and typing in my information but it still will not connect to the Internet. I connect directly to the Internet through a DSL connection, there is no switch or router. I'm new to Linux and this is probably a really dumb question but any help will be appreciated.

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    Hey Hey,

    First thing you want to do is abandon WHAX and go with the latest and greatest which is Backtrack (http://www.remote-exploit.org/index....rack_Downloads).

    After that, you're dealing with DSL which means it's PPPoE (unless you're a Verizon customer then there's only a 50% chance you're using PPPoE)... So you'll have to do some research into using PPPoE and setting it up... I'm not going to tell you how to do that... You can do some research...

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