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    ABC's Lost : MD5 Password

    Hey -

    I don't know how many of you are Lost fans... but they are using the web for a complex storyline that parallels the TV storyline...

    For instance, ABC ran a fake commercial for The Hanso Foundation during their normal commercial break... It leads to this site:


    Here's another one: http://thedharmainitiative.org/
    There is a login that uses a weak Javascript + MD5 authentication script. Anyone willing to crack these two MD5's from that page to see what's inside? From Googling around, the legion of fans this show has hasn't been able to accomplish it... I just think the right crowd hasn't been tested yet!

    Anyone with a rainbow table willing to try these MD5's?


    Regardless of this challenge... anyone else following the trail ABC is leaving on the web? It's a really cool subversive marketing scheme that's interesting whether you follow the show or not...


    It looks like this site might be a fake...

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    Im a Lost fanatic! here are some more links if yall are curious about the game LINK 1 LINK 2 I really enjoy the show and how they try and keep you guessing. There is also a 1800 number I cant remember right now for you to call and get more clues.
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    Don't know if this is off much use but i came across some wierd .mov clip at the http://thedharmainitiative.org

    it's located here
    Other then that will check 'em out properly latter.


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