I thought this might be of interest to some out here. USA Today hosted a roundtable of the
"Top Tech" people in the communications industry about the evolving trends of technology that support the industry. Nothing really surprising here to me, however it is of interest to read a little bit of how these players think. There is also some marketing hype from the respective CEOs, I would expect nothing else. Also check out the section, towards the end of the discussion, when USA Today asks about the NSA monitoring . I put it to the equivalent of a hearing a virtual pin dropping. Priceless.

The communications industry is getting flipped on its head and turned inside out. Instant messagers are turning into phones. Cellphones are turning into TVs. And that's only the beginning.

To talk about these changes, USA TODAY, in conjunction with Silicon Valley's Churchill Club, assembled five top players from the communications industry for a discussion in front of an audience in San Francisco last week: Patricia Russo, CEO of Lucent Technologies; Avram Miller, CEO of The Avram Miller Co.; Tim Donahue, executive chairman of Sprint Nextel; Jonathan Miller, CEO of AOL; and Sky Dayton, CEO of Helio. The hour-long panel discussion was moderated by USA TODAY technology columnist Kevin Maney. Here are edited transcripts.