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    yes... another "what college should i go to" thread... kinda

    hey all.

    i will be a senior in highschool next year... this is my plan for college

    2 years at a junior college to get my associates degree in computer tech.
    after wards. go to devry at tinley park in the chichago land area. school will be about 10 years old by then.

    get bachelors in information systems security.

    get a job.

    work on my masters online. *my cousin did that for education.. shes a teacher*

    now i have some questions...

    how would that plan look from an employers eyes... would they prefer a degree from a big college or something more fine tuned like devry.

    also. are anyone here alumni of DeVry?
    if so could you give me some information?... i have read they have housing but not much information... seems more like they have apartments set aside.

    any information would be great

    thanks guys..

    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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    Hi there Hex~

    I obviously know little about your education system. I hope that TheHorse13 will give you the benefit of his advice.

    All I would like to suggest is that you are a little wary of specialising too soon. Hoss has mentioned the changes in and de-skilling of IT security roles, so I would argue that it would pay to be flexible at your stage in the game.

    I would strongly suggest that you look at your subsidiary subjects as part of a "package". In particular look at finance and law?

    Hey, "bean counters" cannot live without computers and security, and the legal eagles have regulatory compliance to contend with.

    Hell, they are not the most interesting subjects on the Planet, but they could be very useful from a career progression viewpoint.

    Kind of useful background when you go for your MBA as well?

    Just my few thoughts mate

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    I should be done with my bachelor's in CIS (not information systems security, but digital forensics) with Devry in a little less than a year - I'm taking the online classes, though, so I can't tell you much about the "real" Devry experience. Feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions (my wife works for Devry, so we should be able to answer most of them ).

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