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    Vista System Check

    Microsoft has released a beta version of an application that will check to see if your current system will run Vista. From Vista's core to "advance" features.

    Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Beta

    Ran it and it did detect that the video card of the system I was using would have to be updated, something which I already knew I needed to do so I would to be able to use Direct X 9, so it seems to work.
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    Thanks for the link.

    Unfortunately this does not run under Windows 2000 SP4. That is a bit of a worry? A lot of outfits still run Win 2000 for legacy support and because it works?

    I know quite a few who were hoping to sidestep XP altogether, and go straight to Vista. I hope MS tweak the tool to help them.

    When you are trying to cost a project, it is an added bonus to be reasonably confident on the hardware upgrade requirements. Particularly in the .gov, .mil, .edu sectors, where the pennies are in short supply.

    A cute little tool would be very useful, as it would save having to do all the donkey work on reference machines. At least until you got closer to roll-out.

    just a thought

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    A lot of outfits still run Win 2000 for legacy support and because it works?
    ..and their is no compelling business case to upgrade. There is No short supply in the US gov and mil sectors. Look at our balance sheet.
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