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Thread: Coulomb Dialer keeps coming back

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    Thanks so much everyone!

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    I forgot to mention, but Morgana~ was on the ball. When you are done, and have created a new, clean, restore point..................please delete all the others, as they will still have the bad stuff in them.

    As for why it reappears in different places. That is part of its "stealthing"...................if it always went and did the same thing it would be far more easily blocked and detected?

    To be perfectly honest with you, this pr0n thing is a bit of a mystery to me. Sure, I know how it gets fired around the internet, but who gets it and who does not is a real connundrum. I can safely say that in the last 10 years I have never had one of my machines pick any of this stuff up.

    Yet I know young kids, businesses, young mothers, old ladies who have gotten it??????????????

    Even my Parish Priest who was most embarassed.................

    Good luck and let us know if you need any more help. I know it isn't the bleeding edge of security, but I have always felt that security begins at home with the family?
    If you cannot do someone any good: don't do them any harm....
    As long as you did this to one of these, the least of my little did it unto Me.
    What profiteth a man if he gains the entire World at the expense of his immortal soul?

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    Thanks SO much everyone - all done.

    Now, if it resurrects again, I'll be back - fair warning.

    You all are wonderful!

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    Take Nihils advice and delete all your old restore points....and create a new one.

    It maybe hiding in one

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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