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Thread: Rugged Laptop?

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    Until recently I was under the incorrect impression that the only commercially available ruggedised laptops were the Panasonic ‘Toughbook’ range. Although, I recently saw the mission impossible 3 film and while I was watching the film I realised that the rugged laptops that were being used, on screen, where not from the Panasonic ‘Toughbook’ range. I do realise that it is possible that the rugged laptops that were being used, on screen, may not be commercially available and may have been mocked up by the film’s props department, although considering the way in which modern movies are made and the advertising opportunities involved I thought that the likelihood of the rugged laptops being mocked up by the film’s props department was very low.

    Anyway, the point of this thread is that now I know that there are more options for purchasing a ruggedised laptop than just the Panasonic ‘Toughbook’ range I would appreciate any advice that one could give me, regarding which option is the best. The laptop that I choose will need to be suitable for a ‘building site’ environment, therefore it will need to be protected from impact such as being dropped and also from objects falling on top of it, it will need to be dust, dirt and water resistant and will also need to function under extreme temperature conditions.

    P.S. I would also appreciate it if anyone could tell me which manufacturer did make the ruggedised laptops that were used on screen it the mission impossible 3 film, as I have been unable to find out this information and it would put my mind to rest.

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    I don't know how much abuse they will take as there is a limit on all of them, but I'm confident these are the ones they used.

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