Hi All!

I need your help in setting up Cisco Pix 506E. We have two different servers having same backbone of 1.0 Mbps DSL both having different Real IP's.

Both of them will be behind this firewall, now suppose IP of server A is and for Server B is Now since the data for both the server will be coming on the same line from the ISP, is it possible that i can configure the firewall to route the data to corresponding server only. I mean i don't want it be be broadcast sort of thing, simply if the data is for server A the firewall should direct to that server and vice versa.

Network Overview

Internal Nodes: 100.
Internal IP's : 192.168.0.*
All internal users are Connected to Server A.
Server B = Database Server (SQL).
Users connection to Server B: Less than 100 at a time..... One connection per user.

Anything else needed let me know....