Hi everyone,
Just a heads up on the newest publications on the e-book site realtime publishers.For those who dont know the site all the books are free you just need to register, sometimes with the sponser.
realtime publishers
here are whats new :
New Chapter: Technologies for Securing Information and IT Assets in
The Definitive Guide® to Controlling Malware, Spyware, Phishing, and Spam.

http://nexus.realtimepublishers.com/links/newsletter/dgcmsps.asp] http://nexus.realtimepublishers.com/links/newsletter/dgcmsps.asp[/URL]

New Chapter: Overview of Key Technologies to Prevent Information Theft
The Definitive Guide® to Information Theft Prevention!


Realtime Resource: New Articles on IT Compliance for your Enterprise

Those are just a few of the new items published. there are more but have more to do with other aspects of IT. You can check out the whole libary using the first link.