A yank and a Brit in a pub are boosting about the different level of technology in the respective countries.
the yank boasts " Our archiologists during an excavation dug down 20 feet and found copper traces. that proves that over a hundred years before the telegraphe we were using cooper cables for telecommunication."
The brit answers " thats nothing. Outside london we dug down 50 feet and found traces of glass which proves that over 400 years ago we were using fiber optics."
A paddy sitting in the corner starts laughing. seeing this the two ask him whats up. taking a drink of his his guinness he answers. " Well, a couple of years ago I was on a dig where we dug down 100 foot and we found nothing!"
"So?" said the other two.
" Isn't it obivious. It means a 1000 years ago in ireland we were already using wireless."