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    OK cgkanchi I was just clearing my throat, and that which passes for a brain

    Morgana~ gave a clear clue? This will take some courage and some guaranteed funding. You need the same drive, and swap the drive's controller card. I have done that with 100% success on several occasions (OK about 10 in six years).

    I must admit that Ihave not done it with a modern 200Mb drive but it certainly worked with 40's and 60's.

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    might want to give the old school Spin Rite a whirl. I have recovered many a disk with a bad sector 0 error in the past. It takes a while and doesn't work all the time but it might be worth a try.


    Just saw that Nihil mentioned Spinrite in his first post. I would still recommend that you give it a try. It can take a couple of days on a very large drive that is reporting sector 0 bad though. I ran it on a 300gb drive a few weeks back and it took 4 days with deep inspection turned on.

    I recovered the drive though

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