This is a survey by the Free BSD foundation which was posted to a couple of the lists to ask people how they do security updates. It asks a few questions and helps out the Summer of Code for Free BSD.

It's only 12 questions and I've already filled it out. If you use Free BSD, give it a go. There has been quite a bit on some of the lists I'm on asking about security patches and it would seem I'm not alone in saying the way patches are done in Free BSD needs work.

I told the list to do something like Slackware where you can just use upgradepkg or something similar to install a patch instead of the way it's done now. I wasn't the only one who said the current way patches are done is way to time consuming.

Anyway the survey only takes a minute or two.

In some of the areas where you can add comments, if you feel the way Free BSD handles patches needs wrk, please fill it out with your thoughts on it. I added mine already saying they should do somethign like Linux has where you can download a patched tgz and just install it like slackware does.