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    Calling All SysAdmins

    Hi there,

    Is your life really like this ?


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    Thanks GOD these sort of things are over for me..... Believe me i have face such things during my last JOB.......
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    may be a true story but i turn off my pagers and cell phone after my office hours

    demanding that you justify how you spend your time yet again

    Repeat ad nauseum until your boss doesn't like your response to one of his "justify your existence" demands and fires you or you die of caffeine poisoning. Oh, and don't bother factoring in any weekends or holidays: You'll be expected to work those too.
    so much true as why we only have to justify our time and existence why not other IT people.

    Excuse me, is there an airport nearby large enough for a private jet to land?

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    Hey Hey,

    I love reading stuff like that because I've worked in helpdesk and also as a sys admin... Yes... your life is no longer your own when you're in the office and you are contacted outside of office hours, however, it's not nearly this bad... A lot of this is going for humour... Read the date on the post.. 1995... This person is trying to be cool... I'd put better chances on me getting struck by lightning on a perfectly clear day than this being real..

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    I think that this confirms your suspicions:


    Hey things aren't that bad these days................I have even seen users who can change the paper in the printer!

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