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    if the copy-paste option didnt work,

    try full scan of the disks, and dont forget to click "automaticaly fix file system errors".

    that usually gets the files back.

    if thats also fails you will have to insert the instillation disk and reinstall the windows folder "leaving the file system intact"

    this option will not format the disk. it only deletes the windows folder and reinstalls it back with all the drivers.
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    Just out of curiosity do you know someone with a camera or scanner you can attach as a mass storage device or whatever. They are usually recognised as new USB devices and will prompt for a driver installation.

    That usually goes to c:\WINNT\inf

    Just wondering how far the problem extends. I would still try reinstalling the modem and/or modem driver if the internet is your only problem.

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    This is a strange one, it sorted itself out, it runs a lot slower now, but it works for the moment.

    Mr Duck, I like this idea, and might well go for it anyway, as it is now only a secure internet machine, so it might speed things up a bit.

    Thanks for the advice guys, another problem solved by the anti online mechanics.

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