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    BBC News 24 screws up

    This is simply hilarious...

    Guy Goma, IT guy of Congolese descent, has a job interview with the BBC. Some switching of characters takes place, and he ends up in a live News 24 broadcast. The host has no clue, and thinks she's interviewing Guy Kewney, an IT Expert scheduled to be interviewed, on the Apple Computer/Apple Music issue. Guy Goma has no clue either, and thinks it's all part of his job interview.

    Here's video of his "job interview" (on the left), and a reaction afterward (on the right): http://search.bbc.co.uk/cgi-bin/sear...=all&edition=i

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    This is soooo last week. None the less it was fun to watch again. The longer version is in google video, will try to find the link again.


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    Now that's funny. It's easy to see how this mistake could have happened. The gopher comes in and asks for "Guy" and he follows him to the set... Although the wrong "Guy", he did a pretty good job of winging it. Hope Apple appreciated his answers.

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