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    Unhappy finding a file help?

    i can seem to find a file called *.pwl or .pwl on my windows xp pro or my win2k pro...does anybody know where its located on xp or win2k?

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    Have you happened to look in the system.ini file. by any chance?


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    Hey hitmun

    i can seem to find a file called *.pwl or .pwl on my windows xp pro or my win2k pro
    Neither can I, does that mean that Billy Window$ has ripped us off?

    On the other hand it could be that you are getting confused with your Windows versions?

    .pwl is the password list file in Windows 95/98/98SE/ME

    You will not find it in NT based operating systems, they have a quite different security architecture.

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    Of course if you have a problem you need help with, it might be better if you explain why you are looking for the password files on ?your? computer.
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    no pwl files in NT/2000/XP

    As Nihil rightly pointed out there are no .pwl files on NT,2K or xp, the passwords are typically stored as encrypted hashes in the registry.

    There are enumeration tools out there as i sure most of us know but it depends on why you need access to them, if it is your won personal machine then you can download various tools such as pwdump, lophtcrack etc for you system, cain will also show stored passwords to name a few but it depends on yoru requirement, acces rights and ethical standpoint.

    remeber this is a security forum and we like to follow ethical best practices but if you request is legitiamte i am sure one of us can help.
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