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Thread: HD Security

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    HD Security

    Hello, i know a person that was doing some experience on hdd tools, and he put a password on the hard-drive. It's the HDD Master Password, but he fogot it, is there a way to recover this password or bypass, or reset it??

    There is no important data on the drive, formating will erase the password?

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    Was this something that he wrote himself?

    If it is a laptop he will have problems, as he will not be able to boot to the HDD in the first instance. He might try linux, and format from that?

    You don't forget the password if you use the machine regularly do you? and, if you have any sense and are just learning stuff on your own machine, you keep it simple or write it down. Now, with a stolen laptop you are SOL because you generally cannot get the HDD to fire up............that is what it is there for...............to protect the data if the machine gets stolen?

    With a simple desktop, a reformat should suffice. He might have to slave the drive onto another machine though.

    Are you sure that this is a HDD password and not just power-up or administrator?

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    It wil depend where password has been set is it on the HDD itself or in the BIOS, if it is on a dell latop for instance i recently reset the bios by using thre jumpers and this cleared the HDD password.
    it will depend on BIOS, HDD etc, if it is a passowrd set thru windows then it will be with 3rd party software.

    if you have abackup of the data then use bios level format toll to rest the HDD
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