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    Is it possible to get yahoo id from squid

    Dear All,

    I have my squid proxy server access_log. Is it possible to get the yahoo ids from squid access_log or is there any way to decode yahoo id from mail.yahoo.com 's urls in proxy log.

    Thanks in advance


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    12.19 How does Squid deal with Cookies?

    The presence of Cookies headers in requests does not affect whether or not an HTTP reply can be cached. Similarly, the presense of Set-Cookie headers in replies does not affect whether the reply can be cached.

    The proper way to deal with Set-Cookie reply headers, according to RFC 2109 is to cache the whole object, EXCEPT the Set-Cookie header lines.

    With Squid-1.1, we can not filter out specific HTTP headers, so Squid-1.1 does not cache any response which contains a Set-Cookie header.

    With Squid-2, however, we can filter out specific HTTP headers. But instead of filtering them on the receiving-side, we filter them on the sending-side. Thus, Squid-2 does cache replies with Set-Cookie headers, but it filters out the Set-Cookie header itself for cache hits.
    In short, you can't.

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