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    Making a novel Operating System

    So my friends and I, being the betting coders we are, have agreed to a wager: whoever makes the most novel operating system wins the bet.

    We can use command line kernels like DOS or 'nux. But the problem is making something unique and different.

    I was thinking about making each file represented by a fish, and each folder be a school of fish; the OS would be coral reefs, being necessary to keep the other things living. Then I realized this was too complicated.

    So I thought about a Java OS that runs itself! A sort of bootstrap of an OS. Then I heard that JNode did this

    So then I thought about an OS sorta like the internet, except instead of websites there would be specific locations in RAM, and that the OS is entirely dependent on RAM with the exception of a start up. It evolves in ram depending on the circumstances. But I have no idea how I would even start doing this!

    So, I have ran out of ideas! Any Help on making a unique and different OS would be greatly appreciated!

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    Uhhhh, the chance you yourself are going to code an entire OS that runs over the net "in RAM".... I don't think so. I haven't seen every post you've made but I really don't think more than 3 people on this whole web site could make their own OS.

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    How about giving the people at Ogg Theora some help with open source video codecs? I'm serious. If you can code, there are a lot of open source projects than can use some help.
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    Re: Making a novel Operating System

    Originally posted here by Arkimedes
    We can use command line kernels like DOS or 'nux.
    Any Help on making a unique and different OS would be greatly appreciated!
    How about, learning the difference between a kernel and an OS first?
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