I've just decided to start posting on the forums. I've been a member of AO for a few years without really visiting the forums.

I'm a busy person. I run my own business, the busniess focuses on doing websites, photography, and other things exclusively for people in the music industry, rock bands mainly. Aside from that, I am going to school still to get a degree in Computer Technology. I'm still about a year and a half away from finishing. I also work where I go to school. I work in the testing & orientation center which is where people come to do placement tests. That's just a part time thing to bring in extra money for school. That's where I'm at right now, and I spend everyday on the computer so I figured I'd put myself to work on the forums lol

I guess I've probably said too much already but let me tell people what I can do for the community. I have many years of experience in photography and photo editing, with adobe photoshop and other products from adobe's CS2. I do websites from notepad using html, javascript, PHP, Perl. I do flash as well. I'm always looking for new things to learn that will help me with websites. I build computers, and of course repair computers..both hardware & software. I'm not yet A+ certified just because I haven't had a need to get certified it is costly. I've dealt with computer security since about 1991 so that's 15 years in that department. Things have changed so much over the years though, nowadays I'm not into the security part as much as I used to be, however, when i finish school i plan on trying to get into a security related position.

Okay, something you'll know about me soon is I type a lot -- you probably already know that. so I'm going to stop by if you have questions just let me know.