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    Main differences between KDE and GNOME

    Personally I lean towards KDE cause nautilis (sp?) gives me the shits...

    However GNOME loads quicker and seems lighter.

    I would like to know from those of you who have extensively used both, what the major differences are, whats better at what, whats lacking at what etc etc.

    So whats the go,

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    I always found that KDE has far better application integration than Gnome. Maybe I just never figured out Gnome completely, I never used it very much as I never really liked the interface anyway. I found it was difficult to configure and didn't work very well with manual editing of textfiles, although it did load faster than KDE does now.

    I've always found the K suite of applciations to integreate with each other seamlessly. Their heavier apps, most notably Konqueror and Koffice, I find lacking in several areas, so I use Mozilla/Firefox and OpenOffice instead. But for everything else, all the little stuff like email, key management, login, multimedia, blah blah blah, I've found the KDE suite to be superior to Gnome.

    Just my experience, though.
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    I use both everyday. But KDE much more extensively. Gnome used to be king, but I like KDE. I think it's integrated better and more stable. The only reason I have gnome is because the particular project I am using is built and developed on a gnome box. It's easier to keep up with changes and documentation.

    But KDE is more integrated in what you can do within the system. Dare I say it, it's more like windows. Which is why some Linux users won't bother with it. I want a system that does what Iwant and quickly so I can move on to the next headache. But they both work and gnome is lighter. Years ago I ONLY use gnome and thought KDE was crap. But I finally learned it and pretty much dumped gnome.

    For a while I would switch between them. Liking KDE file manager, with gnome console or intermixing helper apps. Now I pretty much use KDE and when I can't find something I use terminal. The evolution of system managers like YaST has also made a difference. I lot I used to do in KDE or Gnome or Terminal or whatever is done in YaST and no matter which one you choose... YaST is the same.

    So on a technical level, they are pretty much on par. One slower but more integrated, one faster but less integration.
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